Quick Way to View all Donations given to a Campaign




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    Laura Block

    Hi Kaylee,

    Thank you for the feedback! We are planning to add this when we update the Campaign Detail pages, coming up later this year. 

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  • Matt Kaufmann

    Hi Kaylee,

    An option to consider at this time is the Donation & Pledges page. Campaign is an available column to display and filter. And this is only a few clicks from the Mission Control Dashboard.

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  • Eric Sherman

    I think there should be a campaign report link on the campaign page, analogous to the links to attendee list and registration report links on the events side.

    In general, I think it would be very helpful for Neon programmers to audit for consistency between modules. Too many examples of things that work one way in (for example) donations, another in memberships, another in events, etc.


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