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    Laura Block

    Hi Bethany,

    Thanks for the question! Here's how we're defining these Donor Retention Stats:

    (Note: I'm using "this year" in my definitions with the assumption that you've set the widget to show either the current fiscal or calendar year, but you'll notice that you can also use the widget to "time travel" back to view stats from previous years)

    New Donors - Donors whose first gift occurred this year

    Retained Donors - Donors who gave last year and this year

    Reactivated Donors - Donors who gave two years ago, lapsed during the previous year, and then gave again this year

    Lapsed Donors - Donors who gave last year but not yet this year

    Recaptured Donors - Donors who gave at least once in the past, did not donate last year, but made a new gift this year. This list will include Reactivated Donors as you mentioned but is a bit broader, since it captures donors who gave sometime in the past, not necessarily limited to two years ago.

    Reacquired Donors - Similar to Reactivated but looking at a longer time span. These are donors who have given some time in the past, have not donated in the past 2 years, but made a new gift this year.

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