Donor/Household Cumulative Giving to a Campaign




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    Laura Block

    Thank you for the feedback, Naomi! For individual donor cumulative giving to a campaign, I recommend checking out the Stats Report. It is an account-based report but has the ability to show cumulative totals by time frame and/or campaign in the "Donation Range Total" output column. Here's more information.

    I have logged your feedback about needing campaign totals by household to consider for future reporting module updates.

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  • Sarah Newman

    Ditto! Plus being able to see what a donor/household gave to a campaign for year 1, year 2, etc.

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  • Anna Van Cleef

    Thank you for engaging with the Neon One team to submit your feature requests. Starting in September, there will be a new in-application suggestion portal tool that we will release into each product that will allow you to provide feedback directly to the product team at Neon One. We have already moved ideas into the suggestion portal so no worries about adding your ideas again. That said, we will be shutting down the “Feature Requests” community page in September 2022. We look forward to your continued contributions to improving the Neon One products in the future!

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