Skip Time Delay for Workflows



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    Laura Block

    Thank you for the feedback, Linden! This is an interesting suggestion that we haven't run into previously, so we'll be sure to consider it for future upgrades to the Workflow module. 

    In the meantime, what might solve this problem is setting up a second workflow. When you encounter a membership application you want to approve instantly, you could go to the member's account, turn off the delayed workflow for that account via the Workflows tab, and instead trigger the new, expedited workflow.

    To make sure the expedited workflow doesn't trigger for anyone you don't specifically add to it, set a trigger that won't ever be triggered accidentally - for example, a conditional trigger based on a custom field could work well. When you manually add someone to a workflow from the Account Detail page Workflows tab, Neon will bypass the conditions set for the workflow and run the account through the approval process.

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