Attendees can receive registration confirmation email




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    Laura Block

    Thank you for the feedback, Rachel! We are taking a look at this for upcoming updates to our system emails.

    Another option for this right now is using the Workflows took - the Event Date trigger can target both registrants and attendees and set up a series of reminder emails prior to the event.

    We agree, however, that there's still a gap when it comes to sending attendees an immediate notification that they've been registered, so we'll keep you posted as we work on a solution.

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  • Rachel Myers

    Laura Block,


    I actually need to look more into the workflows tool.  Is that an easier option than creating an email audience with attendees and just setting a date for a campaign email?  Do I still need to run a report for that?  I guess I can look into it, but just curious on what you think.


    I would still love for a simple click as an option to include them, so thank you for taking this into consideration.

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