System Email Conditions




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    Laura Block

    Thank you for the feedback, Denis! We are looking into adding this feature when we update the System Email builder.

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  • Kaylee Flieman

    YES! Being able to use custom fields as a condition in ANY system letter or email would be immensely helpful.

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  • Kathy McManus

    We have the same issue as Denis.  Members (particularly retirees) let us know they are not going to renew but opting them out of emails doesn't stop renewal notices.  Some get really upset about it.  Another solution would simply be a "Final membership" flag or "Will not renew" flag on the account or the membership record which  would cause Neon to ignore that membership and person when sending renewal notices.  In that it's often a phone call or letter letting us know, we just would need to open that members' record and check the right box.  No need to mess with queries.

    For now we are just adding a note that they are no longer planning to renew, and copying their email to the note for a historical record.  Then deleting email addresses from their account to stop the renewal notices.  Messy.

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